Tony Rice “Church Street Blues” (Larkin Poe Cover)

Learn How You Learn

Everyone learns in there own way. Learn the way your brain understands things and you will learn faster.

Why Don’t My Beats (or Song) Sound Like a Commercial CD?

Have you ever noticed when you buy a commercial compact disc of your favorite artist, you can hear ever instrument in the mix so clearly? Compression and EQ in the mix stage is the reason for this effect. Today, let’s just look at some basic EQ tips.

Is Music a Language?

Very few people will disagree that music is indeed a language, but what makes it such an effective language and how? Let’s see just how we can use music to speak in ways that perhaps spoken language cannot.

Don’t Be Just a Bassist – Also Be a Musician

Being a bass player, whether playing by yourself, with a rock band or with a concert ensemble, requires that you not only assume the position of bass player, but as a musician. Because of the nature of the instrument, it is an essential quality that bass players develop keen awareness of other instruments in relation to their own.

How to Take Care of Your New Piano

So you’ve just bought a new piano. How do you take good care of this massive piece of instrument? Read this article and discover what it takes to keep your piano looking and sounding as good as new all the time.

Why Your Child Should Take Music Lessons!

I think it’s fair to say that most parents want what’s best for their children, and in turn, want them to become the best they can be so that they can grow up to be smart and successful individuals. Well recent scientific research suggests that learning to play a musical instrument offers many benefits that carry over into many important aspects of life.

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