The Blues Brothers “Peter Gunn Theme” (Larkin Poe Cover)

How to Correctly Learn a Song

This article is to help intermediate and advanced guitar students benefit more from learning a song. It dives deep into every aspect of learning a song. This article is mainly for guitar players looking to become artists.

How to Master Music

Are you a beginner, intermediate or even advanced level player and unsure how to further yourself as a guitar player? No matter where you are in your musical journey, there are certain aspects of your musical skills you must develop to succeed. Learn what they are.

The Constructive Power of Music

Music is powerful. For centuries people have written about how it affects us all in both positive and negative ways. For a long time, people have been studying the link between music and its effect on the brain.

The Best Way to Sing and Play Guitar To Make Sure That Both of Them Sound Awesome!

It requires a whole lot of rehearse to master techniques to sing and play the guitar at one time. Since you are operating with a particular sung word from each note played on the guitar, you really areas a result going through the corresponding piece of music played at totally different rhythms. It can take practice to master this confusing grouping, and you will find certain considerations it is important to tackle.

Becoming a Musician – My Basic Guide For Success

Becoming a musician is not automatic. Certain skills and traits are needed. It can be a life-changing experience, with many benefits. Learn what it takes, and maybe you can become a star.

How Music Works – A Beginner’s Lesson

Most people love listening to music. It can certainly produce negative feelings as well as strong positive ones. Learn how music works, and expand your musical knowledge.

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