The Beatles “If I Fell” (Larkin Poe Cover)

An Unforgettable Vocal Performance With A Superior Singing Method

When we listen to music whether we know it or not we tend to pick songs driven by emotion. For example how many people listen to sad depressing music as they are getting ready to go out for a party? Nobody, a person usually listens to music that gets them hype and ready to dance.

Voice Training for Singing: Technique Vs. Vocal Style – Part 2

Vocal style is about being able to freely express your feelings with your voice using a never-ending spectrum of different vocal: pallets, colours, sounds and nuances that help a singer paint an outward picture of what they feel inside. The unique application of artistic taste to the interpretation of vocal music.

If It Looks Like a Drum Set and Sounds Like a Drum Set, It Could Be Digital

“I’m not much of a tekkie,” he admits, sitting at his desk in a completely digitized drumming studio. Brady Fishler started making music at the age of 3 by striking coffee cans. In 1998 he purchased his digital drum set, which, quite miraculously, survived Y2K (the infamous Millennium Bug), and he’s been using it ever since to help others achieve their rock n’ roll dreams.

Hammer-Ons and Pull Offs

The bulk of “legato” playing on guitar mainly consists of hammer-ons and pull offs as well as slides and bends where applicable. Legato is an Italian word and simply means smoothly. If a pianist were told to play legato then he would play each note as smoothly as he could. A piano player would do this by letting the notes ring into each other slightly so that the overall sound would appear less harsh or “staccato”. Staccato mean disjointed or separate. Staccato notes are usually shorter in comparison to legato notes.

5 Singing Tips to Help You Sound Better Instantly

Singing tip #1 Open your mouth. Yes! That’s right, it’s so obvious that it’s often overlooked but opening your mouth a little more when you sing makes a huge difference to your overall sound.

Start Playing Piano – A Great First Lesson

You can start playing piano. A lot of people think playing the piano takes some magical talent or skill, and either you have it, or you don’t. I have several years of teaching experience, and found out that most people can learn to play a musical instrument. Here is a great first lesson to get started.

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