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Guitar String Bending

Guitar string bending. This is probably one of the most basic guitar techniques ever played, and can be the making or breaking of a hit song or instrumental piece of music if it is played in the right part of a melody. This bending technique is used in almost every genre of popular music.

Bottleneck and Slide Guitar Playing

Bottleneck and slide guitar playing. This is a form of guitar playing which has been around for nearly one hundred years or more. Its roots are embedded in the African-American negro blues music. It is easily recognized when played by the wailing sound it makes on the fretboard of the guitar.

Guitar Tuning And Alternative Tuning

Guitar tuning and alternative tuning. The most common method used by guitarists to tune their guitar has been around for a very long time. It probably reaches back a couple of centuries, and is still regarded as standard tuning. Of course it is not the only tuning system available to the guitarist.

Guitar Tablature – An Effective Learning Tool

When you play guitar, there is a special system of music notation called guitar tablature, or tabs. It is designed for fretted string instruments. Implementing guitar tabs can help a guitarist play an extensive variety of music, without learning how to read standard music notation.

Guitar Chord Substitution

I have been asked many times by my guitar students, what is chord substitution?. Well I hope this article will be informative and educational to all those who would like to know what the term means.

The Importance of Song Selection

The importance of song selection explains what songs to choose for mixed crowds at events and weddings. Most mixed crowds have ages ranging from 20-70 years old. This article explains what a professional DJ does with certain crowds.

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