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How To Tune An Acoustic or Electric Guitar

Each time you begin to play guitar it’s important that you make sure your guitar is in tune. No matter how good of a guitar player you are, you won’t sound good if your guitar is out of tune. If you’re uncertain how to tune a guitar, here’s an easy to follow, step by step guide on how to tune a guitar.

An Easy Method for Learning the Notes of a Guitar

Overwhelmed by the complicated task of learning guitar notes? This simple tutorial teaches you a few easy methods you can use to learn the notes of a guitar using mnemonic examples and visual aides.

Learning How To Read Sheet Music As An Adult

There is no reason why adults should not learn to read music it is not solely a skill for children. Here are some top tips on learning to read sheet music as an adult.

How to Finish Off the Mobile Disco Set

All good things must come to an end but when the party is going very well it can be quite hard for the DJ to just switch off the music and then that’s it. There are subtle ways the disco can end and at the same time keeping the crowd happy and energetic. The worst thing to do is to completely cut the music off without giving the audience any sort of warning as this will leave them confused and probably slightly annoyed.

How Fast Should A Piece Of Music Be Played

There are several ways you can tell how fast to play a piece of music. The term for this is the tempo and the different options are given here.

How to Practice: 7 Tips on How to Practice for the Amateur Musician

Ever wonder why you just can’t get better or that you have reached a plateau on your instrument? Here are some great tips on how to improve.

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