Robert Johnson “Sweet Home Chicago” (Larkin Poe Cover)

Guitar Picking Overview

A good, solid picking technique is essential for guitarists of every level of experience, ability, and stylistic preference. Check out and use some of the ideas presented here, as we go deeper into elements that comprise effective picking technique.

Why Hire a Professional Guitar Instructor

Working with the right guitar instructor can be a big deal for aspiring guitarists. Read these practical pointers to learn what it takes to get the best teacher in your area.

Why Hiring a Guitar Teacher Is a Good Idea

Self-taught musicians usually detest the idea of hiring a guitar instructor. This article will mention several pointers how such a decision can actually be a life-changing experience for you as a guitar player.

Did You Get Your Vitamin M Today?

Vitamin M? Yup. The essence of life, the elixir of joy and emotional well-being. Without it your life would lose its luster and vibrancy. Go for too long without an injection and you’ll feel the Darkness creeping in – yes, the Darkness. What is Vitamin M? Music.

How Do Vocal Interactive Workshops Introduce and/or Supplement Private Singing and Speech Lessons?

Vocal Interactive Workshops. How do they introduce and/or supplement private singing and speech lessons?

5 Top Reasons To Approach Professionals For Bridal Songs Lessons

Professionals for bridal songs lessons help not just in preparing the respective parities for their performance but in choosing the most appropriate songs as well. Enthusiasts can approach these professionals either for a long term course or, crash course as they deem fit.

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