Guitar Lessons The Concept Of Pitch

The concept of pitch. Pitch expresses the relative “height” or “depth” of a sound. For example, if one listens to the normal sounds of speech encountered daily through people talking to each other, it is not hard to notice some people speak higher or lower than the other. Obviously the female voice is pitched higher than the male voice, this is a natural part of human physiology. The pitch of the human voice tends to become lower as we get older. This also happens to females, but not as pronounced as the male.

Fine Tune Your Hand and Finger Basics and Enhance Your Guitar Skills

Learning hand and finger basics can help you improve your skills in no time. Practicing the guitar chords can help you remember the proper placement of your fingers on the correct fret as well as make you move them as fast as you can.

Oi, You’re Barred! – An Introduction To Barre Chords

Many beginners have trouble when they try to play and understand barre chords. This article takes a detailed look at exactly what barre chords are, and addresses some of the common problems that beginners face when learning them.

For Love Of The Guitar – Part 5

Now I could physically play a lot on the guitar. My fingers have the great strength and although I still needed to work on my accuracy, I really feel good physically. So what is next? How do I take the next step in my journey? Given that I know nothing about music theory and certainly didn’t pay attention in music class as a child, there is a lot I needed to learn about reading music. I knew I didn’t need to be classically trained in this area, I just needed to learn what the notes told me about timing. When I first started learning songs, I would basically play them as fast as I could. Although it sounded decent and slightly resembled the song I was trying to play, it was definitely missing something. I also took a class at Coursera. Coursera is an awesome place to take online classes – they are free and usually taught by college professors or at least from people with a great deal of knowledge. You can actually take classes for anything from photography to advanced calculus.

Guitar – Important Tips For Beginners

Guitar for beginners. The first thing one must do if they wish to study and play the guitar is to buy a good guitar. This does not have to be a very expensive one, but you do not want a guitar that will go out of tune every five minutes. To set out on the purchase of any musical instrument it is always wise to have someone who knows what to look for.

Learn Primary Chords and Play Thousands of Songs

There are a lot of different chords. This includes basic major chords, suspended chords, and many others. Three chords are essential to know. Learn how these chords work, and you will have the ability to play thousands of songs.

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