Learning How to Play the Piano by Ear

It is possible for anyone to play piano by ear, if they follow these basic steps and practice at it. Some people have a more natural talent for picking up things by hearing them, but this is not necessary to train yourself to play piano by ear.

4 Important Steps To Becoming A Complete Piano Player In No Time

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments. For many centuries, people have always played the piano. Playing the piano may be carried out as a hobby, passion, as well as a profession. In order to become a complete piano player, it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines.

Learning How to Play the Piano Can Be Easy

Today, the piano is regarded as a versatile instrument which could be used in nearly any type of music. To learn to play piano, you should develop an ear for accurate sounds and music. If you are well-versed with guitar playing basics, you will easily learn how to play the piano.

Music Is Like Cake

So in the last article we talked about the three components that make up music: melody, harmony and rhythm. Melody takes care of the tune you’re likely to hum when a song is on your mind. Harmony addresses the chords that accompany the melody, and rhythm is the timing and beat you find yourself tapping your foot to when you hear a song (sometimes even one you don’t like!).

What Size Violin, Viola or Cello Instrument Do I Need?

Violins, Violas and Cellos come in fractional sizes allowing children to more easily learn to play. The most common questions which come to mind when obtaining an instrument for your child is what instrument do I get and what size do I need? This article will help you to understand what size instrument you need.

How to Improve Your Voice: Adapting or Modifying a Cover Song’s Melody

Adapting or modifying the melody of a song is an important aspect of a vocalist making a song his or her own rather than attempting to copy the original note for note. That being said, I believe its good practice for singers to respect the song’s original melody.

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