Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer” (Larkin Poe Cover)

How To Write A Song – Listen, Record, Play And Write

How to find inspiration for your music. The four steps to making your own music for your song.

What Is A Classic Vocal Lesson?

What is a classic vocal lesson? It is lesson in which you take instruction with regard to singing in the classical style.

How To Learn And Master Your Guitar Technique Faster

Have you ever struggled to learn a guitar technique and gave up out of despair when you didn’t master it fast enough? Or perhaps you’re feeling you should be able to learn how to perform a new technique faster than it takes you. This article will help you pinpoint why this is happening and show you how to get the most out of your practice sessions.

Be A Guitar Teacher

How to be a guitar teacher. An article on some of the key ingredients that go into making a successful guitar teacher. This article introduces the basics of how to build a successful guitar teaching business.

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Ambient Guitar Tones

Don’t waste countless hours failing to figure out how to play ambient guitar. Learn to master the three aspects of ambient guitar tone and be on your way to making those beautiful guitar tones you’ve heard in your favorite songs!

Easy Guitar Lesson-How to Play a Judas Priest Intro

The Judas Priest song “Breaking The Law” was released as a single from the British Steel album in 1980. This song has a simple main riff, and chorus. Nevertheless, it was one of Judas Priest’s big breakthrough songs. Learn how to play this popular intro.

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