Paul Simon “Graceland” (Larkin Poe Cover)

Vocal Training, 2 Steps To Improved Singing

Singing skills don’t happen quickly but there are ways of speeding up the progress. This general lesson about vocal training online gives some references to starting out as a vocalist and what you’ll want to learn as a beginner singer.

Music and Emotion, Acoustics, Noise, Volume, and Tempo On the Human Psyche

Not long ago, I was at Starbucks discussing someone’s recent move from Seattle, the lady in her 70s now, noted she had finally overcome her depression thanks to living in sunny Southern California for about 15 months. We got to discussing how scientific studies had shown the increasing the brain’s temperature even one-degree could cure depression. We also noted how some uplifting songs were the favorites of those who felt unhappy in life. Let’s talk shall we?

How to Create CDs of Your Music

Album artwork, Physical CDs, Barcode, Copyright, Duplication. After all of your music is recorded, mixed, and ready to go, the next step is to create your CD. Even if you’re only going to sell your music online, you still need cover art to submit with your album or single.

Do Guitarists Need to Learn Music Theory?

Guitarists are notorious for shying away from learning about the inner workings of music theory, and who can blame us? There are just too many distractions in the world of guitar for us to spare some time to learn about the mechanics of music.

10 Tips for Learning Scales on Guitar

Learning guitar scales, or learning to improvise, can seem overwhelming. Here are 10 tips to make it a pain-free process.

Is Music College Right For You?

Around 2002 I wanted to get serious about playing guitar so I decided to go to Music College. I chose the ACM in Guildford, England, which had only been open a few years but was really making waves in the music education industry. The facilities were fantastic with state of the art equipment and an impressive faculty of instructors which at the time included: Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster, Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper’s Guitarist), Jamie Humphries, the late great Eric Roche, Pete Callard and Mike Goodman to name a few.

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