Nightmare Before Christmas “Sally’s Song” (Larkin Poe Cover)

Choosing the Right Piano

When choosing the right piano, people usually think that the most expensive one is always the best. Well, it is true that you get what you pay for.

Beginner’s Piano Lessons – What You Need to Know

This article is aimed at anyone who is thinking about starting piano lessons and is not sure what to expect from them. It tells you what you are likely to learn in your first few lessons.

5 Tools For Teaching Students To Play Guitar

There are many approaches you can take when learning how to play guitar. In this article we will show you the benefits of learning to play guitar using fret stickers as an instructional aide.

Five Easy Metronome Tips to Make Your Timing Rock-Solid

Practicing with a metronome might seem like a frustrating activity at first, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With some practical tips and a little time, your frustration will disappear, and you’ll find that your your natural sense of timing improves tremendously.

Mixing in Mono – It’s Not All Bad

I hear what you’re thinking – you’re thinking ‘why should I mix in mono? – what’s the point? – in this day and age that just seems so backwards’. I thought the same when someone suggested it to me so let me just take five minutes of your time and just read this and see what you think afterwards. The idea of mixing in mono for me is similar to mixing on small little speakers (some people call them grot boxes), in the sense that rather than it sounding great on big speakers it sounds rubbish – you’re limiting your choices and if you can get it sounding great in mono then it’s going to sound great in stereo. When in mono, the track just sounds flat and coming at you from the speaker. You can’t hear the song in all its ‘fantastic-nous’. It makes the track sound less desirable but making this part of your mix process will help you for lots of reasons.

Wedding DJ Hire

If you’re new to the wedding dj hire business this article should help you out with the all important first dance. This moment is the most iconic part of the wedding reception and within the top three from the entire day, so there is absolutely no room for error! And of course there is a method that should be used every time you introduce a newly married couple to the dance floor.

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