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Developing Your Head Voice – Head Voice Vs Falsetto

If you’ve often wondered what the difference is between head voice and falsetto, then you’re no different to a lot of other people out there who ask themselves this very question. Once you’re able to identify the difference between the two, you will be able to immediately know where you are and never have to make a wild guess ever again. This article will expound a little bit about that to help you get a better understanding. So let’s talk about the head voice versus falsetto.

Learn to Play The Flute

The Flute is without doubt the most popular woodwind band instrument in America. At the beginning of every school year thousands of young children start their adventure into music by learning how to play the flute. The flute is the most basic instrument among the woodwind family of instruments. It is truly an ancient instrument dating back several thousand years in its most basic form. It does not have a reed to create sound like a clarinet, oboe, bassoon or saxophone. It is an aerophone which means you produce sound by blowing air across an opening in the instrument (a hole).

How to Develop Your Head Voice Using Your Pharyngeal Resonator

If like so many people around the world you have never really been able to find your head voice, this article will talk a little bit about the quickest way into your head voice without the cracks and the breaks. In layman’s terms, this article will aim to help you find your head voice so you can begin to expand your range. As you build up what is called your pharyngeal resonator, this technique will allow you to sing with more vocal freedom as you slide in between your head and chest registers. You’ll also begin to learn how to blend your head voice with your chest voice so they mix well into one.

Vocal Training Mini-Course: Correcting the Top Singing Mistakes (Part 1 of 5)

If you’ve ever desired tips and tricks to correcting common singing mistakes, then this article will show you how to kit your very own diagnostic toolbox. It’s certainly a good thing to get training by a tutor, but having a couple of ideas on how to correct common mistakes that most singers struggle with would be good for you to know. A lot of my really serious-about-singing students come away with tons of tricks to fixing minor problems, and have admitted to how handy this is for them to have.

How to Become a Successful DJ From Zero to Hero

If you’re stuck in getting the right equipment, if you’re not confident in your DJ mixing skills, or if you’re not simply putting yourself out there, this article will teach you how to pick and choose the right equipment, better prepare you mix sets to really get your listeners exited, and to successfully make you look like a pro. Something to keep in mind while you’re reading this article. Getting into DJing isn’t the cheapest thing to do.

Why Would You Learn Piano Online? Because It’s the Best Decision!

Piano is a great thing for everyone to learn. Every great musician knows how to play piano. Its the basis to loving music

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