Monday Music Minute, Ep 102 : Tom T Hall & Ally Venable

This week’s picks classic county (Tom. T. Hall) and guitar rock ( Ally Venable)

How To Train Your Guitar Students To Become Better Guitarists

Being an excellent guitar teacher requires more than just teaching guitar. You also need to: *Train your guitar students to practice in effective ways, to keep them progressing and staying motivated to continue practicing consistently. *Coach your students so they believe in themselves and are ready to fulfill their musical potential by doing the things you tell them to.

5 Tips to Help You Practice Drums

Have you been trying to practice drums on your own? If so, we suggest that you follow some tips from experts. Read on.

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Natural Talent For Guitar

Want to become a better guitarist faster? Stop worrying about your level of natural talent for guitar. Thinking about how much talent you have (or don’t have) slows down your progress for 3 reasons:

Think Music Theory Is Too Hard? Here’s Why

In my opinion, music theory is taught in the most confusing and painful way imaginable. Find out why music theory seems so difficult to learn, and what we can do to make learning this topic so much easier.

3 Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Teach Guitar

You become a more successful guitar teacher by avoiding mistakes made by unsuccessful guitar teachers. These mistakes hurt your guitar students and reduce the income you earn teaching guitar.

Guitar Envy – What It Is and Why We Mustn’t Catch It

Guitar Envy, what is it, how do we catch it, most importantly how do we cure it. This article looks at the symptoms and how we can take steps to avoid it.

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