Matthew Wilder “Break My Stride” (Larkin Poe Cover)

General Tips on Learning to Read and Play Music as an Adult

Here are some general tips on learning to read music and play a musical instrument. Just a few brief and useful pointers.

Beginner Guitar Lesson – How to Play Wild Thing

The version of “Wild Thing” by the Troggs is an excellent first song for someone interested in starting to play the guitar. The song only has 3 chords, and they are usually some of the first chords a beginner guitar student would learn. This is a good first lesson on your journey to becoming a fine guitar player.

Should Music Teachers Fear Becoming Obsolete?

The world of online education has come, conquered and is surely here to stay. Does this virtual classroom have a place when learning piano or music in general?

2 Great Double Duty Vocal Warm-Ups You May Like

Sometimes us singers can get into such a routine in our singing, that we forget how important it is to warm up our voices. Does this sound like you? Here are a couple quick warm ups to get you back into the swing of warming up before you sing!

Choosing Between an Acoustic or Electric Guitar

In many ways, the decision whether to buy an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar is a matter of personal taste. Your budget, knowledge, technical skill, and preference of musical genre are important considerations to keep in mind. Read this article and learn more!

3 Secrets to Effective Piano Practice

If you find practicing piano boring and uninspiring, then something is definitely wrong. Music should be exciting and thrilling. Try these 3 tips for a better practice session.

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