Larkin Poe – She’s A Self Made Man (Live from CBS This Morning Saturday Sessions)

Executing Passing Notes

Simple and brief explanation on execution of Passing Notes in guitar playing. It includes a couple of examples for student practice.

Easy Guitar Maintenance For Beginners

A guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world. There’s just something about plugging it in and just jamming with it for hours at a time that’s so soothing to me.

How To Work Out Your Major Scales

An explanation of major scales. What they are and the pattern they follow so you can work out any major scale from its starting note.

5 Things You Need To Know As A Beginner Guitarist

Millions of people start to learn the guitar each year, but many fail. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. It helps to know a few things before you start so you can get over the hurdles that trip people up the most.

Singing Lessons – Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners

One of the things you will discover as you attend lessons is that they involve a lot of singing, voice training and practice. So, what are some of the simple songs that can be sung during these sessions by beginners? One such song is a “A Whole New World” because it is easy and the singer does not have to struggle with their voice. It can be used successfully by instructors during music lessons for both sexes without hurting their voice box.

Music Writers

Music writers often work as ghost writers to write lyrics and instrumentals for their clients. Music writers are fast gaining importance and recognition as people working in a serious profession and doing hard work. This change, though it has been slow in coming, has been brought about mostly by the increasing number of people who are now calling themselves professional music writers.

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