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Music Writing: Rock and Metal Guitar Solo Writing Tips

Writing amazing guitar solos is an art that can be challenging for any guitar player. Here is an efficient method I used over the last years to write my own guitar solo.

Songwriting Help

Services for songwriting help can assist in writing song lyrics and the instrumental tracks for your songs. Such services have experts in a variety of genres and styles and their musicians specialize in the range of music instruments, from drums and other precision instruments, guitar and other stringed instruments, piano, and more. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a rough draft of your lyrics or instrumental, songwriting help can benefit you greatly.

How to Improve Your Gospel Singing

The first step to improving your gospel singing is recognizing the importance of lessons. It does not matter how talented, experienced or professional you are either. Gospel singers who have been practicing for years know how important it is to train the voice and body to create the best sounds.

Student Violin Lessons For Beginners

One of the best choices for spending good time during the summer vacations is to begin with violin lessons. Your daughter may become the next Vanessa Mae! The famous violinist believes that playing a violin is a physical art.

Why Should You Learn How To Play The Flute?

The world is filled with music and really amazing musical instruments all over. Many of these instruments have a rich history to back them up and they have been used by our ancestors and then passed down to the generations.

Relative Pitch or Perfect Pitch, Which One Is Better?

This article is about the differences between Relative Pitch and Perfect Pitch and which one is better. A short definition of each will be given as well as the benefits of each skill.

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