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Songwriting 101 – Fundamentals of Songwriting and Structure

In this article we will discuss several fundamentals of quality songwriting. These basic concepts will give any new writer a jump start, as well as give more experienced writers a piece of knowledge to progress their skills.

How To Take An Electric Guitar Song And Make It Sound Amazing On Your Acoustic

Learn how to create your very own acoustic guitar versions of electric songs. There are a number of really cool and unique ways you can go about this to come up with a killer sounding arrangement. It takes more than just simply copying the electric guitar song onto your acoustic. You need to consider the characteristics of the acoustic guitar to come up with a great sounding arrangement. Read this article to find out how to go about this.

10 Quick Tips About Piano Practice

The very first piano lesson takes careful planning and pacing. Students listen attentively while you go over the material with them. They understand the importance of good posture at the keyboard. Children remember to sit tall, while arms hang loosely from the shoulders. Songs sound great but when the child goes home, parents tell me that their kids do not know how to practice. Hopefully, these 10 tips will help!

Why Your Guitar Playing Isn’t Getting Better And What To Do About It

See if this sounds familiar: to learn to play guitar at a very high level, you may have been practicing various guitar skills and techniques for months or even years. Yet after all this time practicing, you still get lost when improvising, playing in front of others, or trying to record music.

How to Write Better Songs

Imagine what your life looks like when people come to you for advice on songwriting. Read this article about how to write better songs and begin your journey towards expertise.

Is It Difficult To Learn Music?

People have somehow gotten the idea that it is difficult to learn music or you need to have some sort of god-given talent. This article examines that myth and answers the question of how difficult it is to learn music.

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