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Before You Buy: Types of Guitar Tuners

There are several important types of guitar tuners. A quick overview will help you decide which is best.

Designing a Practice Schedule

Designing a practice schedule is crucial to your growth as a musician. This article goes into depth about how to set up your schedule and how to optimize it. Bookmark this article, you will need it often.

Do You Have the “NATURAL TALENT” To Sing?

From the first moment you opened your mouth to attempt to sing, people have judged your voice. That first note felt so crucial.

The Correct Mindset to Learn

Many people have poor habits that impede their ability to learn. Changing these poor habits will maximize your growth. The most important habit to fix first, is your mindset.

How the World of Music Tuition Is Evolving

Music is a fantastic way to provide some culture to your child’s life. Learning how the world of music tuition is evolving will be beneficial if you have a budding musician on your hands.

Beginners, Don’t Fret the Fret Board

Many Beginners struggle to learn the guitar. In fact, most quit in the first 6 months. If you want to play guitar longer than 6 months, you need to read this article now. It addresses the common issues most beginners face when they attempt to learn the guitar.

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