Joan Jett “Crimson & Clover” (Larkin Poe Cover)

Tips on Buying an Electronic Keyboard

This is a review of some key points you will want to consider when purchasing an online keyboard. Some key points include size, features, connections, and price.

How to Distribute Your Sheet Music

How to Distribute Your Sheet Music. Digital and Physical Distribution. Online and Offline. PDFs and Physical Books. Once your sheet music is finished you can submit it to a publishing company to be published, or sell it yourself in paper or digital format. The major sheet music companies like Hal Leonard and Alfred won’t be interested in your sheet music until you’ve sold millions of CDs, but there are several websites that offer distribution services for books either in digital or physical form that are available to you.

How to Distribute Your Music

Digital and Physical Distribution. Online and Offline. MP3s and Physical CDs. Once you have finished music you’ll need to start selling it. You will want to make it available online at digital download stores like iTunes or Amazon, and made available to record stores around the world. There are several companies that offer online and physical distribution, each with slightly different pricing and services.

What’s Eating the Headroom in Your Mix? (and How to Minimize It)

Headroom is essentially the difference between the peak of the signal and the absolute maximum that the audio system can handle. It’s sometimes the case that the final stages of song production are not entirely thought about when mixing and that there is another stage to the process of getting your songs finished. With that in mind I thought I’d do a quick post on headroom and why it’s important.

Best Voice Warm Up Tips for Singers

As a professional singer, you may have experienced moments when you feel like the control you have over your voice has disappeared. Proper voice warm ups are an essential part to decreasing the likelihood of such issues. Each singer should be aware of several warm up essentials. Here are three of the most important ones.

Three Game Changing EQ Tips

What would a world without EQ sound like?? It’s such a powerful tool and also one that can easily be misused. Here are three EQ tips that will change your game and if put into practice will start your journey on the road to mastering EQ.

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