Hall & Oates “Rich Girl” (Larkin Poe Cover)

Turning Scales Into Solos

This article explains how to turn the guitar scales you’ve learned into solos using the E natural minor scale at the twelfth fret. Melodic variation is the key to creating memorable solos and improving your own personal creative abilities.

Nothing to It! Piano Improvisation 101 for Skeptics

Improvising while playing the piano is easier than you think! It can be highly beneficial for your playing and overall musicianship as well as a lot of fun. There is no reason for the piano student not to learn to improvise. In fact, I highly recommend that you learn to do it.

Chords – The Foundation of Great Songs

Most of the time, chords are played in popular music. They are usually played on a piano or guitar. Nearly all the songs you hear on the radio have a repeating chord structure. Learn the most popular chord progression of all time.

Chord Progressions – How to Create a Chord Progression

A chord progression can be something as simple as a two-chord movement in a song or it can be a very complex chord movement with a different chord on every beat of the measure for several measures. There are no set fast rules to adhere to when creating chord progression; you just let your ear be the judge. There are however some general guidelines and common frameworks to be aware of when creating progressions.

Can You Teach Yourself Guitar?

One of the most exciting and fun musical instruments to learn to play is the guitar. It is so versatile and can be used to play just about any song you know. Furthermore, it can be used to play just about any musical style like classical, blues, rock, country and many more. Many people who want to learn the guitar choose to get instruction from a teacher. However, if you want to teach yourself guitar, it is not impossible.

How to Play Rhythm Guitar Creating Dynamic in Your Rhythm Guitar Playing

Creating subtle differences in your rhythm guitar playing will create interesting and fulfilling rhythmic changes while playing with a band or by yourself. To liven up your playing apply these simple techniques and tips to create interesting effects and dynamics in your guitar playing.

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