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Don’t Get Hung Up on the Sample Rate of Your Gear

When you look back on the songs, you wrote in 10 years time when sample rate and bit depth (including most of the equipment you’re using now) will undoubtedly be far surpassed, it’ll be the quality of songs you wrote that will shine through and how you used the gear you had. Similar to The Beatles situation – or you could get stuck behind the techno talk, waiting for that day when you’ve got the ultimate gear set-up… the chances are you won’t have your songs to look back on…

5 Things You Can Do to Get Better at Mixing

Mixing is a skill that needs to be worked on like anything else – be it playing an instrument (for me – my drums) or decorating fantastic cakes (don’t know where that example came from – blame my wife!) It’s a craft that needs to be developed it doesn’t just happen. You need to put the hours in to make your mixing skills better.

10 Questions Every Guitarist Should Ask Themselves

10 fundamental questions every guitarist should ask themselves once in a while. Get ready to sit back, take stock and answer a few probing questions.

How to Find Your Unique Voice on the Guitar

There comes a point on every guitarist’s journey when it’s time to go your own way. You know, that nagging feeling you’ve had for a while combined with a general dissatisfaction you can’t quite put your finger on, or perhaps you feel like something is missing.

Who Is the Most Effective Music Teacher?

Studying with a music teacher is a different experience from a classroom setting because most of the sessions are one on one. This individual attention makes choosing the right teacher even more crucial for the students.

How Teaching Music Has Progressed

Teaching methods in music have, for the most part, progressed in time. But what are some of the archaic traps one must look for when seeking good instruction?

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