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Guitar Lessons For The Major Scale

Guitar lessons for the major scale. A scale is any consecutive series of notes that form a progression between one note and it’s relative octave. The scale can go either up by an octave or down by an octave. The word scale comes from the Latin scala, meaning “ladder”, and this is exactly what a scale is. It takes you on the ascending, or the descending to an octave.

Guitar Lessons Learning Barre Chords

Guitar lessons, learning barre chords. This article has the sole purpose of explaining what a barre chord is, and how it can enhance the structure of a melody. If you have mastered all the basic chords such as, C, D, G E, F, A, and maybe a few sevenths, and minor chords, then it is time for you to learn how to play barre chords.

Guitar Lessons On Major Key Signatures

Guitar lessons on major key signatures. There are twelve musical keys which can be used to create music. Major keys are the foundation stones that all music is built from. Minor keys are a form of major which are created by playing the major scale off it’s sixth scale degree.

Guitar Power Chords To Rock With

The ” Power Chord” has been used by almost all of the great rock and blues guitarists in one shape or another. Understanding the elementary theory of the power chord unlocks many of the mysteries of rock music and its related forms.

Guitar Slide Technique

Slides are similar to the hammer – on and pull – offs in that more than one note is sounded, but you strike the string just once. The difference in every note in between the first and the last is that they can be heard and recognized.

How to Deal With Stage Fright for Guitarists

The purpose of this article is to teach guitarists of all playing levels how to deal with stage fright. You may think that this article is only relevant for advanced guitarists, but the truth is that beginner and intermediate guitarists need these tips more, in order to play without wetting their pants in front of a small crowd of family and friends. Being a lead guitarist in a band, I know what it’s like to feel the butterflies in your stomach when you climb the few stairs up onto the stage or when you pick up the old acoustic guitar to play for your friends. I learned to overcome that fear with the help of a few tips which I’m about to gift to you.

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