Ally Venable Band 2021 03 09 – Set 1 – 4K – Boca Raton, Florida – The Funky Biscuit

Ally Marie Venable – Guitar & Vocals
Fernando De Los Santos – Keys
Braeden Stubbs – Bass
Elijah Owings – Drums

Special Thanks to:
Al Poliack & Ira Maltz for The Funky Biscuit
Kudos to Sharon Wolf for help filming
Jesse Finkelstein for the camera angle & friendship
Jeff Kissinger for the original audio

You can check Ally & the band out here:

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Learning to play the piano comes with many benefits such as higher self-worth, an increase in self-esteem and many others. Studies show that many piano learners make plenty of mistakes when practicing. These mistakes include:

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There comes a time in every singer’s career where they need to put on a performance using a voice that is stuffed with mucus and is worn-out or partially lost. To recover your lost voice immediately, you’ll need the input of a processional vocal coach to guide you how to restore your voice and to heal your throat.

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If you have always wanted to learn how to play the piano there is no other better time to do it than now. The cool thing is that you don’t have to attend a physical class as you can learn piano online. Due to this, you have no reason as to why you shouldn’t take the lessons. There are many benefits that come with learning how to play the piano. Some of these benefits include:

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