Ortofon Moving Magnet Phono Cartridges

As probably the world’s longest established maker of record player cartridges and associated equipment, Ortofon has forged a superb reputation. Engaged in manufacturing and precision engineering since 1918, the company is renowned among both amateur audio enthusiasts and professional users. Rightly famed for their ranges of extremely high quality moving coil cartridges, the company’s moving magnet designs garner less press attention, however, they are equally as important – both to Ortofon and their users.

The Crucial And Overlooked Element Needed For Creative Musical Expression

Want to become an expressive songwriter? Learn how to write songs more expressively by reading this article.

Guitar Maintenance Basics

Guitar maintenance basics. This guide will keep you going strong!

Keep the Old Style DJ – Mix in the New Style DJ

Everything is going digital these days and lots of industries have changed their product range and some haven’t. The companies that have not changed their product range have either gone bust, or carried on doing what they do because they’re in a niche market. DJ equipment is defiantly unique and niche and there isn’t much competition between the big players.

6 Tips for a Great Open Mic Performance

There is no bigger rush than to play in front of a live audience. If you are ready to play your first Open Mic, here are 6 tips that will ensure a successful performance.

How To Get Your First Rap Show?

Most venues hate taking a risk on new bands, regarding their first rap show. The first shows are some of the most difficult to get. One way to ensure you draw a large crowd for your debut rap show is to throw a party afterward.

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