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Practice Piano Tips

An overview of methodology related to practicing the piano from a professional piano instructor. Learn the importance of developing good habits and methodology while practicing piano.

Online Vs. Offline Guitar Lessons, Part 2

Regardless of what we’re told, this guitar business is not as simple and straightforward as many people would have us believe, and finding some quality guitar instruction that fits your individual wants, needs, and personality isn’t always easy. We’re basically presented with two general models when making this decision (offline and online), and we looked at some pros and cons of an internet-based curriculum in the previous article in this two part series. The offline, “face to face” route is certainly the most traditional, but is it really the best way to go, considering the almost…

What Is a Box Drum or Cajon?

Box drums, also known as cajon, are gaining in popularity in many styles of music. We’ll discuss the history, what they are, modern designs and more.

Guitar Lessons – Right Hand String Picking

Guitar lessons right hand picking. It is widely recognized that most rock music is played with a plectrum, which is more commonly known as a pick. Whereas in more moderate tempo music like soft ballads or a classical musical piece the guitarist will use a finger style method of playing.

Basic Guitar Soloing Techniques

There is no question that guitar soloing can be quite exciting. A major key to becoming proficient is to learn the proper techniques. A good way to start this process is with three basic guitar soloing techniques. They are the bend, the hammer-on, and the pull-off.

Advice For Creating Vocals In Your House Track

In a world of genre based music it can be very easy for a track to get lost in a sea of similar sounding compositions. One way to make your track stand out from the crowd is to add a vocal.

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